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The Employers’ Coalition for Healthcare, Inc. (ECHI) is a unique group of local business leaders -- joined together to ensure businesses of all sizes have wise healthcare solutions and support.    

Thanks to a growing membership of more than 175 small and medium-sized businesses, ECHI can offer the negotiating power, benefits, and protection typically only available to large corporations.  ECHI also supports member companies by offering essential healthcare information online at getechi.com.  

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, led by a board of directors of fellow ECHI members, the unique organization has supported local businesses since 1994.  Members appreciate the savings offered by ECHI and look to the organization to provide essential information in today’s every-changing healthcare climate. 



No matter how you slice it, ECHI is a smart business decision.  Call the McLean County Chamber of Commerce today at (309) 829-1185.  Simply say:  Tell me about ECHI today!

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